A section of the our website that is the absolute hardest to update.  

Every soul that we bring into this world is special to us,  they are all family.  Some contribute to our breeding program but most of all they are our companions, our partners in the dog sports we love and each take a piece of our heart when it is time for them to leave us.

Unfortunately, cancer seems to be the cause of most of our heartache.  We try to support as many of the research projects trying to provide early detection, ongoing therapies and the fight to end cancer.  One of the most wonderful organizations moving canine cancer research forward in Canada is "Smiling Blue Skies" The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund  They have raised funds provided to the University of Guelph supporting cancer research in dogs that have benefitted many.  In the past, we have enjoyed their fund raising walk a thons with our dogs and will continue to support them as much as possible.

All the dogs in this section are our heart dogs.  Each page only scratches the surface of the impact and memories their lives with us created.

Enjoy and remember to hug your dog tightly everyday and tell them how much you love them!!